Create a free online store is easy!
Register, open a store, choose a FREE profile, fill the store with goods and services - and you’re done!
No time limit and no quantity of goods !!


Our Internet store project offers a new form of higher business model barcode2store. You will be able to create your own online stores with ease, thanks to our interactive model.Our Project is compatible with small grocery stores as well as chain stores.

Application for buyers

The client will be offered an application which will inform them about product prices, bought items, and more, just like in an ordinary store, Isn’t the goal of each salesman is to help the consumer acquire the product they need?

Anime Helper

An animated helper- Will help you operate the system and will offer products and services. A lively and happy salesman will be likely to double your sales. This is known to all business owners. You will be able to select the most suitable salesman for your business. There’s a gallery of helpers, you will be able to use another helper for free.

Application for Seller

Barcode2store-Online Loader

It’s not easy to create an online store, it’s even harder to maintain it - checking the product stocks, regulate sales and prices, offer good deals for the consumer and to check for irregularities. This can be a big problem for either small or large private companies. We are offering the Online Store Loader application, which will in seconds.