About project

A huge assortment of current stores, even small ones, can cause trouble for internet sales on internet pages and especially on the mobile devices which are very popular among active people in our society and those all are potential online buyers. How does it possible that there is an entire store in that little screen? there are 2 ways to do that , first, is to make an internet service for assorted trading products , not many around 10-20 and use the Torpedo project which is set to maximum profit. The 2nd way is to create a comprehensive and clear interface to help find the right product instantly, without scrolling through many products in frustration. We have decide to go in both directions at the same time while offering the price of one and not more while offering a good quality product. with project Barcode2Store, we want to show you our mobile offer for 10 products - for sales - http://10mivzaim.co.il/ - this will allow the store to be used with your computer and with facebook, for the most popular systems in your smartphone - Android and Iphone. our potential client will receive some instruments for earning money, because they are for different purposes and work together. So we will be happy not only to give you the opportunity and not only to sell programs with the patterns, but to teach you how things works, adapt to your needs, and help you set up the necessary features and to fill your store with products and to help with costumer service and give you our best technician and consultant . We will be working together.