Features of the BARCODE2STORE project

  1. Registration with verification of phone numbers and confirmation of mail.
  2. Security - SSL Wildcard Certificate - is included in the package!
  3. Talking cartoon character
  4. The domain name for each store.
  5. Work with mobile devices.
  6. Full functionality for store management.
  7. Fast loading of goods to the store. Ready-made product cards.
  8. Store Styles.
  9. An abridged version of the Facebook store.
  10. Smartphone application for downloading goods to the store.
  11. Smartphone application for the buyer.
  12. Identification and search of goods.
  13. Product library and quick barcode product search.
  14. Smartphone application for barcode recognition.
  15. Notification of purchase by mail and SMS.
  16. Data backup.
  17. Office of the store owner.
    • Questionnaires and admissions for sellers and managers.
    • Multilingualism.
    • QR code generator - store entrance.
    • Delivery calculation.
    • Printing and barcode generation.
  18. Personal account of the buyer.
    • Purchase history.
    • Fast buy.
    • Saving personal data.
  19. Card Product
    • Normal / expanded view.
    • Style Editor.
    • Price and discount editor.
    • Loading goods on a discount carousel.
    • Comparison of goods for additional features.
    • Product description.
    • Magnifying glass.
    • Automatic update.
    • Library of goods.
    • Automatic correction of product images self-updating
  20. Discount carousel.
    • Separate line for selected products.
    • Facebook carousel.
    • Advertising and discounts on carousel.
    • Style and layout editor.
  21. Dealer work
    • The structure of the project, allowing dealers and administrators to work.
    • The ability to create work places on the project.
    • Dealer clearance and cabinet.
    • The ability to transfer stores and subsequent control over them.
    • The ability to provide bonuses.

And much more on an individual project!!!