Creating an online store with an animated online consultant

creation of an online storeWere You already able to make sure that developing an online store on the professional platform barcode2store is very convenient?? Then we’ll complement your benefits with another tool that will allow you to stand out among your competitors.

Our platform for creating online stores allows you to install an online consultant who is able to increase profits in your niche business Witty animation assistant online allows you to choose products and services while playing, and can also quickly offer alternatives, discounts and promotions. Each online consultant in an online store can have his own character, voice, clothes and equipment. This is a highly effective marketing move, proven in practice.

The program for creating an online store has the following benefits

program for creating an online storeJust consider your benefits when implementing an online consultant and how promising he is to contact support.

  • An animated online consultant saves the client’s time. When choosing a product or leafing through the pages of an online store, our consultant will accompany the buyer. Timely prompts will allow you to quickly respond to a purchase or pay attention to the promotional offer.
  • An online consultant in an online store answers questions faster. If your client fills out a feedback form, how long will he wait for an answer? Our animated character can literally take the client’s hand and travel with him through the list of goods, communicate with the buyer and discuss the benefits of the purchase.
  • An online assistant in an online store will bring a customer again. Practice shows that creating an online store with an online assistant increases conversion. Having left your trading platform, a visitor can recall your support and come back to buy again. Comfort quickly cuts into memory!
animated online consultant

Website development for an online store only with an online assistant

Have you seen the benefits, calculated your prospects and stages of creating an online store? Then feel free to develop your online store, collaborate with our technical support and increase your profit by going online sales.

Let our professional online store creation platform help you achieve new commercial heights!