Creating an online store with an interactive application for the seller

Creating an online store

In the instructions for the development of the trading platform we explained step-by-step that creating an online store in barcode2store would not be any problem, even if you are not a programmer. Now you may be worried about another question.

And how will I make the content of the online store, if I am not a content manager?

So that you can conveniently fill your store, we have developed a mobile application for the online store. Just imagine how we hastened to solve your labor costs for developing an online resource and saved your money on inviting a specialist to fill online stores.

Filling an online store with goods in a few clicks

What is the main purpose of the application from the barcode2store command? Assist you in loading goods and managing filling. Now the question of how to create an online store yourself does not become so critical, because our application will help you in the following aspects:mobile application for online store

  • will fill the online store with the necessary goods;
  • will send the product data to the database, which will adapt the product in its location in the store’s design;
  • will track each purchase made and receive a receipt from the buyer that the goods are of high quality and have been delivered on time;
  • will check the availability of goods in a real store and receive a report both in the offline store and in the online platform;
  • will carry out product updates, audits, counts the remaining goods at retail and wholesale prices

The application for the online store brings additional comfort

In addition to filling the online store with goods, you can create a mobile cloud to monitor all store employees and their actions. At your request, you can install the application on all phones of your employees. This approach will protect you as a store manager from errors and unauthorized actions. After all, all the processes will be asked, and approved only by you Now to work.

Welcome to the world of cost savings when creating an online store!