Application for Seller

Will bring conformity to all product prices in your store, will bring new products, and overall will do the job for you. The main purpose of the barcode2store application - to load product data into the internet store and control it. When you recieve an order, the application will notify the salesman and consumer about the order as well as the date of delivery, payment for goods and services for the delivery, It tracks every purchase and receives a receipt from the buyer that the goods are high quality and delivered on time. The principle of application - is the use of a modern mobile phone as a scanner of the bar code, which is available on all products - and the mandrel product data to the database, which adapts to the product in its location in the design of the store, picks up a photo of the goods, set prices, discounts, number of , expiration dates, etc. With our application store owner in a few minutes will be able to harmonize the availability of products in the real store, get a report about sales in both the real and the online store, to update the site online store, conduct an audit, counting goods remains real store retail and wholesale price. The same application can be installed by the owner for all phones of its employees while they are working in his shop, which will help him to carry out actions more quickly, without having to fear that workers will not, because all the processes carried out by all copies barcode2store applications, He asks himself. Application at times reduces the effort required to service both real and online store, and makes it possible for our customers greatly increase the effectiveness of their work in their business management.