Application for buyers

Application account in shopping cart will help the buyer to calculate their own preliminary purchase price, to obtain data on the discounts in the store where the buyer wants to go and visit the website. If the item is listed, which she gave him a wife or mother-in-law can even - application will help him not to forget about it. As a buyer favorite mother-in-law, sitting at home, may accompany him while he walks through the store, look into his truck before the ticket office to see what he’s got and then to express their views with full justification. Application is designed for use in Internet - shops, as well as for actual purchases. Buyer, walking with a cart around the store, holding goods bar code on your smartphone camera, before giving up the goods in his cart. And in front of the cashier can get a report of all purchase and avoid unnecessary purchases and related unrest. Our application allows you to combine all the advantages of online trading with the benefit of buying in a real shop. Especially because using applications buyer more serious approach to the process of buying and even more so that this customer application is available for free.