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An online store application for comfortable customer service

online store applicationWant to create all the amenities finding your online store by customers and beneficially notifying your customers about attractive offers? Use the free application from barcode2store.

How does the barcode2store – online – ShopiT 1.0 application developed by us allow you to get around your competitors?

The mobile application of the online store creates a database of your fans. By notifying your customers about the best offers of the store, you will gather buyers who will use only your services. Your competitors who do not have developed applications will lose visitors because applications are ten times faster than sites downloading a list of products. So, you, as the owner of the trading platform, will be out of competition.

Online store and its free trending app. 2019 showed that in some countries more than 20% of all purchases were made through mobile devices. Accordingly, the created online store on our site with an interactive application will allow you to use the age of mobile technology to the fullest. Why not use this trend to increase your company's profits.

An online store application with the development of a marketing strategy. Having studied the analytics of purchases in your online store, you can analyze the problematic data and the benefits of the content. By analyzing customer visits, you will increase the convenience of communicating with customers when choosing the products provided.

Online store application development 3 main benefits

We offer you to get acquainted with the main benefits of using the application barcode2store – online – ShopiT 1.0

  • After your customer is prompted to download the online store application for free, he will be able to count a basket of goods in self-service supermarkets. The client, walking around the store, will be able to use his phone to check the price of the goods, add it to the purchase amount. To do this, just bring the phone to the barcode on the label. And having already reached the cash desk, he will accurately represent what and how much he bought. He can also share a shopping list through WhatsApp and generally can use his phone to the fullest.
  • Our supermarket app automatically selects images and designs. You don’t have to worry about loading goods and design on discounts and promotions of the store.
  • download a free online store applicationThis the application will bring you new customers - on the smartphone the client also displays other stores that are nearby, and therefore may be of interest to customers. And in the same way, those buyers who wanted to see another product will see events from your store - and this is all from the stores not somewhere in China, but next to them. The application shows stores and goods only from your area, focusing on where the customer is now, in accordance with the coverage area specified in the application settings. However, the customer can highlight the store that he liked - and then he will always see it.
  • There is an opportunity to confirm the order by SMS (service is paid), or by mail - for free. For large self-service stores, a little work is required to install and configure the application to automatic mode. For those stores that do not use barcodes at the checkout, they will have to deposit the goods themselves, but for free. It does not take much time, especially since there is an automatic image correction and auto design for a discount carousel.

These are just a few of the profitable solutions that the barcode2store – online – ShopiT 1.0application makes. Now you know that we provide not only services for the development of online stores, but also improve the comfortable interaction of seller-buyer. If you have additional questions go here. For specific actions to create an online store contact the manager .


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