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step-by-step creation of an online storeWe hope , you liked the step-by-step creation of an online store . In addition to switching to online trading, you immediately feel the benefits. Do not pay for the rental of premises, quickly launch an existing store, cover the maximum number of target audiences, have constant availability, and you can allow a wide range of products.

However, the one who uses the platform to create online stores also has additional advantages and benefits. Count them with us.

courses for creating an online store

Creating an online store from scratch with additional benefits

As you know, online store owners spend huge amounts of money on notifying or attracting customers to buy. And what needs to be done to attract them to their commercial offer if they don’t let their mobile devices off their hands. How to reach out to their perception?

The output is very simple. The team specially for the owners of online stores created on our site developed the application - Online Info 1.0. This is a kind of sign where you can display those products that are sold at attractive prices, participate in promotions and discounts. What are the advantages of our application?

  • Creation and promotion of an online store with comfort for customers. Your customers can see promotional offers directly through a mobile device. And they can use the application directly in the store to calculate the cost, to check prices or to track the purchase history of the product of interest to him. You create free advertising for your products and services.
  • creating an online store from scratchCreation of an online store site and reasonable price with geolocation. Our advertising sign will be available to a person if he is in your service area. If a customer drives nails, pizza, or a car wash into a search, your store will be shown to the customer in a favorable light. Thus, the buyer who is looking for goods at a discount gets directly at your service. Just imagine, having created an application, you are absolutely not spending money on advertising your product.

You will not need courses on creating an online store. All that is required is a ready-made file for the cash register. We will carry out its adaptation, and the goods will be automatically inserted into the application. The entire process of downloading prices is synchronized with your cash register and there will be no problems with this.

Now for the deal! You can familiarize yourself with the nuances of creating an online store on the main page . Ask more questions on the extensive contact page.

Creating an online store with high profits is not a problem. Get started now!